201 Water Ripple Stainless Steel Panel


Water ripple stainless steel panel have become increasingly popular in architecture and interior design. Whether used on a public building or remodeling a house, these panels offer a stunning visual effect that creates a unique look. For those looking to bring a modern and sleek look to a space, these panels may be the perfect choice.


In recent years, Stainless Steel panels, such as 201 water ripple stainless steel panels, have gained immense popularity and are increasingly becoming the choice of material for interior and exterior decorating projects. While they come with a litany of benefits, 201 Water Ripple Stainless Steel panels offer specific advantages that make them particularly attractive when compared to other materials, such as wood or stone.


Incorporating stainless steel panels into designs and architecture has become increasingly popular in the modern age for many reasons. Whether for a functional or aesthetic purpose, choosing 201 Water Ripple Stainless Steel panels can provide a world of modern beauty to any design.


These panels are fashioned from 201 stainless steel, a grade of stainless steel renowned for its benchmark durability and corrosion resistance. They are made with a Lustre Finish Technology with a surface of brushed stainless steel plates, which adds an elegance and sophisticated sheen to the overall look and feel.Going above and beyond the standards of stainless steel, the Water Ripple finish provided by these panels adds a contemporary flair of fluidity and motion, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Whether in an interior or exterior design, these 201 Water Ripple panels can be used in many different scenarios. For instance, they can be utilized in wall claddings, decorative facades, ceiling siding, or as a unique countertop. This versatility and scope allows the panels to adapt to both modern and classic architectural designs alike, allowing a designer to explore many design possibilities.

Easy To Install

The panels are also easy to install and maintain. They are factory-finished and come with predrilled holes for mounting, making for a straightforward installation process. When it comes to maintenance, the stainless steel material does not require much: simply wipe the panel with a damp cloth and mild soap. For dirt build-up, use a commercial stainless steel cleaner.

201 Water Ripple Stainless Steel panels provide an unparalleled level of modern sophistication and durability that is perfect for any design project. With their versatility, easy installation, and maintenance-free upkeep, these panels are sure to become a timeless feature of any space.


The main reason these panels are so popular is because of their ability to reflect light, which plays a visual trick on the eye that creates an illusion of moving water. The way the light is reflected off the panels creates a mesmerizing effect, allowing the eye to focus on the movement of the light. These panels add a dramatic, fluid feel to any space, and are sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Not only does the light play an important role in the appearance of water ripple stainless steel panels, but their sleek, stainless steel look completes the effect. The smooth, flat surface of the panels gives them a polished and professional look, making any design appear more modern and sophisticated. Additionally, they’re easy to install and maintain, adding to their popularity among designers.

In Conclusion

Water ripple stainless steel panels offer a unique and modern appearance that is sure to turn heads. Whether in public buildings or private homes, these panels are sure to add a beautiful and captivating touch to any space.

From the mesmerizing reflections of light to the sleek finish of stainless steel, these panels can bring an impressive look to any design. Anyone looking to add a modern touch to their interior design should consider adding water ripple stainless steel panels for a stunning effect.

Additional information


201/304/316/430 etc…


1220mm*2440mm/1220mm*3050mm/Customized (As your inquiry)



THK Tolerance


Color Selection

Titanium gold, sapphire blue, bronze etc…


PVD coating+mirror+embossing


Ceiling, wall


Free sample, One stop service


Waterproof paper + wooden case


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