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For customers, before purchasing stainless steel sheets, they will first confirm whether the supplier can provide the required surface, especially for engineering and construction decoration, the demand is even greater.

Stainless Steel Sheet

JYF Metal can provide samples for free, such as mirror, wire drawing, grain, ripple, copper imitation and other decorative surfaces. The reason why we can provide free templets is that we use the surplus materials of the products to cut proof plates of 10*10mm or 20*20mm size. In this way, not only can the utilization rate of stainless steel materials be improved and the loss be reduced, but also the next order can be prepared in advance, so that customers can choose the same decorative surface as the previous order, and we can also better compare the samples and produce again. What’s more, it is easier to send you.


Stainless Steel Tile Trim

Similarly, we can also provide stainless steel decorative strip samples, T-type, l-type, u-type, with radian or other abnormal shape is possible. Different colors and finishes can be selected, they are very popular styles. The normal length is 100mm, 200mm.

Our sample rack

Since it is a free sample, the thickness cannot be required. This is only for reference to confirm whether the surface effect meets the requirements. Of course, if you have any requirements for the thickness of the colored stainless steel sheet sample, you can also get it from JYF Metal.

Stainless Steel Screen Partition

In addition, many customers have also asked whether stainless steel screens can be used as samples. In fact, screens can also be used as templets, such as tube welded screens, laser cut pattern screens. Because all of our room dividers are custom made, screen samples are not readily available. We need to charge a sample fee for the screen.

Generally, regular samples are provided free of charge, but samples of customized products require a fee.

Hoping you can understand that the sample is free, but the freight needs you to bear. But because the sample size is relatively small, the freight is within your acceptable range. JYF Metal will do its best to meet your requirements and provide you with quality service, so that you can feel secure and satisfied from purchasing, receiving goods to using products.

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